Momentum Transfer. (15CHL37)                                                                                                       100.19m2

Major Equipments:

Flow through Packed Bed,

Flow through Spiral Coil and Pump


Mechanical Operations Lab.(15CHL47)                                                                                              69.54m2
 lab2 Major Equipments:

Sieve Shaker, Jaw Crusher, Ball Mill, Air Permeability, Plate & Filter Press, Leaf Filter, Oven, Weighing Balance, Digital Tachometer, Air Elutriator and Cyclone Separator

Pollution Control & Instrumental Analysis Lab. (15CHL57)                                                       45.32 m2
Major Equipments:

Gas Chromatography,

UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Flame Photometer, Turbidity meter, Water Distillation Unit, Dissolved Oxygen Meter, Hot Plates and Water Bath


Heat Transfer Lab.(15CHL58)                                                                                                                 66.79m2
 lab4 Major Equipments:

Heat transfer in Packed Bed, Vertical Condenser, Heat Transfer in natural Convection in bare tube, Heat Transfer in natural Convection in Finned tube, Horizontal Condenser, Emissivity Apparatus,Surface Evaporator and  Model: shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Chemical Reaction Engg Lab.(15CHL67)                                                                                           45.32m2
Major Equipments:

Batch reactor, Plug Flow reactor , RTD in CSTR and Semi batch Reactor

Mass Transfer Lab(15CHL68)                                                                                                                66.79m2


 lab6 Major Equipments:

Bubble Cap Distillation,Liquid – liquid Extraction, Packed Bed Absorption, Simple Distillation, Steam Distillation and Griffin Flask Shaker

Process Control Lab.(10CHL77)                                                                                                            45.32m2


Major Equipments:

Level Control Trainer, Pressure Control Trainer, Temperature Control Trainer, Magnetic Stirrer with Heater, I Order & II Order System,Liquid Level Trainer  and Interacting & Non Interacting system

Computer Applications  & Simulation Lab.(10CHL78)                                                                45.32m2


 lab8 Major Equipments:

CAMCAD Software,Computers-18 Nos,

HP Laser Printer and Scanner