University of Illinois, USA Signs MOU with KLE DR. M Sheshgiri College of Engineering & Tech.,Belagavi


Dr. Jonathan GoldberBelle, Director of the University and Principal Basavarj Katagaeri- Principal, signed the MOU in the presence of Governing Council Chairman Shri S.C Metgud , Dr. Russule , Ms. Lori of International studies, and Dr. Atul Agarwal.

The major Highlights of the collaboration were:

1. KLE Dr. M. S. Sheshgiri College, Belgaum, will be the Center for all the included programs of the University of Illinois, Springfield, USA , which are open to BBA and B.Com students, B.E Students and MBA students.
2. The University of Illinois will enable the 3-year graduate students ( B.Com.and BBA) of India to complete their fourth year and be able to pursue their further studies in USA. It is mandatory to have a 4- year degree course to pursue Masters in the US.
3 . MBA students can complete their certification courses in MIS, Human Resources and Operations Management either in USA campus or they can partially do it in KLE campus and partially in the USA.
4 . Short term University certificate course of 2 weeks to 6 months will be available to the MBA and the B.E students of KLE Dr. M S S.C ET.
5. Dr. GoldbergBelle said that the University will be able to hike their F- Visa and J-Visa for the KLE Dr. MSSCET students to enable them to pursue their short term course in the UIS.

6. Faculty exchange programs for the Human Resource Management, Operations Management, Business Intelligence and Business crisis domain will be initiated.

7. The MBA students from The University of Illinois, USA will visit the MBA department of KLE Dr. MSSCET and vice versa as part of student exchange program.

9. Faculty from UIS will visit the Mechanical Engineering department to teach Operations Management, Supply Chain Management and other related subjects.

Shri. Metgud said that this will allow the middle income group students to travel to USA and have an intellectual exposure.

Dr. Basavaraj Katageri said that some programs will start with immediate effect from this academic year. He said that KLE Sheshgiri College, Belgaum will be a Centre for the programs offered by University of Illinois.