Sl. No.
Name of the Laboratory /  Workshop
Major Equipment
Analog Electronics Lab 10ESL37 . Cathode Ray Oscilloscope . Dual Trace DC Power Supply . Signal Generator . Pulse Generator . Digital Multimeters . Analog Multimeters . Analog Voltmeters & Ammeters . Aplab 9 in 1 Test Lab . Digital Storage Oscilloscope . Decade Resistance Box . Decade Inductance Box . Decade Capacitance Box
Logic Design Lab 10ESL38 Digital Trainers
Digital I. C. Tester.
Universal Multivender development kit (FPGA) – 05nos.& CPLD Development boards
3 & 4
HDL Lab 10ECL48 & DSP LAB -10ECL57 IBM-Lenovo with Intel Pentium 2duo/1.86 GHz/946MB/512DDR 2RAM/160GBHD 15″TFT Monitor, . DSP 6713 Starter Kit DSP Starter Kit (DSK) TMS32OC713 . MAT LAB Soft Simulink . Single Proc Tool Box . Filter Design Tool Box . Signal proc blockset . Image proc tool box . Video Image proc blockset . Link for code comp stu . Real link workshop . Embedded target for DSP . Fixed point toolbox . Simulink fixed point . commn tool box . Commn blockset . MAT Lab compiler
. Bloom with DSPV2.0 CD . Xilinx ISE System 14.2 . Sparten-III Kits . Multisim Spice based Analog and Digital Simulation Software package
5 & 6
Microcontrollers Lab – 10ESL47 & CCN Lab 10TEL78 1.ALS-SDA-31/51MEL 8031/51 Microcontroller Trainer Kit with LCD Display & External (PC) ASCII Keyboard and Battery back up for RAM,(with on board Assembler & De-assembler)
2. Interfacing Cards for above kits
3.ALS-SDA-89C61X2 Flash Programmable Evaluation Board (With RS 232 cable, 26 core cable & 10 core cable
4.SC-51+ 4 Licenses SPJ Compiler for 8051 Family – 05 User
Intel Pentium CORE 2 DUO PROCESSOR 1.86 GHZ. Intel 946 Motherboard, 512 MB DDR2 RAM, 160 GB SATA HDD, COMBO Drive, 15” TFT Monitor, Keyboard, 10/100/1000 Ethernet Card , Onboard Display. UPS(600VA, 20 Min Back up)
6. MSP430 Teaching Kit based on Texas Instruements latest MSP430FG4618 Processor with USB debugging interface and IAR software.
7. Laser Printer HP 1020/22 plus.
7 & 8
Analog Communication Lab + LIC Lab – 10ECL 58 & Advanced Communication Lab – 10TEL77 DC regulated power supplies, Analog Multi meters, D. C. Micro ammeters .
Signal generators, Dual channel Oscilloscopes
Trainer Kits -ASK/FSK, PSK, DPSK, QPSK
PCM encoder & decoder, DPCM, Code converter, power supplies, Noise generatorBER1 .
Trainer Kits -DM & ADM TX. & RX kits.
Fiber Optic Communication Kits, Digital Multi meters,Decade Resistance Boxes .
Decade Capacitance Boxes, Decade Inductance Boxes, Fixed Power Supplies, Digital Communication Trainer Kits.
Mobile phone trainer, Satellite Comm. Trainer, GPS Trainer, Commsim (5 user) (EDU)
Auto LCR – Q meter.
Microstip components & Accessisories
Microwave & Antenna Lab – 10TEL67 Solid state Klystron power supplies, Gunn Oscillators modulators , Gun power supply, Klystron tube, Klystron tube, Wave guide detectors, Slotted section with probe, Tunable probe, Frequency meters, Wave guide stands, Solid state VSWR meter, Liquid Dielectric cell, E plane Tees, H plane Tees, Magic Tees , Fixed Attenuators , Variable Attenuators , Wave guide Twist , T shape circulators, Y shape circulators, Directional Couplers,Solid dielectric cell,parabolic dish antenna,phase shifter.
Microprocessors Lab – 10TEL 68 . Pc’s(Lenova,IBM,Compaq) . Interfacing kits . . ALS PCI, 48 Lines Digital IO Card with Timer . Stepper Motor Interface . Seven segment Display . Key board Interface Logic Controller interface . Power supplies