1) Springer E-books : (More than 13000 e-books in Engineering and Allied Subjects) (Copyright years 2013- 2005)

Springer is the largest Science, Technology and Medicine publisher in the world with an estimation of 25% market share in this segment. The collection features around 45,000 titles and will grow with more than 4,500 newly released STM books, book series volumes and reference works each year.

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2) Taylor & Francis CRC E-books–  (More than 250 Ebooks )

CRCnetBASE provides essential information for the scientific and technical communities. It provides
easy access to some of the world’s major reference works via the Internet. It offers a comprehensive eBook collection that delivers more than 12,000 references in over 350 subject areas and more than 40 collections.

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3) Knimbus(13,000 open access journals, 3000 e-books)

The Knimbus is a single search platform and collaborative research tool for accessing all the e-resources subscribed by our Institution through VTU Consortia. i.e EBSCO, IEEE, IET Digital Library, Springer Link, Taylor & Francis, Proquest.

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E – Learning Resources


E – Content: ICT Initiatives from Govt. of Karnataka

The Govt. of Karnataka has initiated more than 85 ICT projects for the use of educational institutes and the various stakeholders. These projects are now available online for the benefit of the student and teaching community. The E-content includes videos, presentations, etc from experts in the domain.


DELNET Membership

The library is a member of the DELNET. The library maintains excellent relations with a number of major Institutions and libraries in India through DELNET, for exchange of books, journals articles for the mutual benefit of the users.


NOTE: All the above Resources are IP based and accessible within KLECET campus only