Vision and Mission of the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering are defined as follows


To impart value based technical education for developing feasible, optimal and sustainable solutions to electrical engineering challenges.


  1. To impart quality education with emphasis on Fundamentals of Electrical sciences.
  2. To facilitate entrepreneurship and better employability.
  3. To interact with premier institutions and industries for enhanced learning and R & D activities.
  4. To develop teamwork, inculcate sense of social and ethical responsibility.

State the Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) (5)

The educational objectives in the undergraduate program in Electrical & Electronics Engineering are defined as follows-

The successful graduates of Electrical & Electronics Engineering will be able to-

PEO1: Apply the knowledge of Electrical Science to excel in professional career.

PEO2: Meet the needs of the industry/pursue higher studies in Electrical Engineering.

PEO3: Exhibit entrepreneurial skills and ability to-adapt to emerging technologies.


The Program Outcomes (POs) as mentioned by NBA are mentioned in Annexure I.

The department has identified three Program Specific Outcomes(PSOs):

 PSO1: Demonstrate the knowledge of Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Utilization of  Electrical Power.

PSO2: Identify, investigate, formulate, design and analyze in the areas of power systems and industrial drives.

PSO3: Acquire practical knowledge through Industrial visits, Internships and Project works.

NBA Team visited the department on 23rd, 24th and 25th February 2018