Laboratory Details

Name of Laboratory Size in Sq.mtrs. Major Equipments available
Analog Electronics Lab 81.39 Work Bench: Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Dual Trace DC Power Supply , Signal Generator,Digital Multi meters, Analog Multi meters, Analog Voltmeters & Ammeters, Digital Storage Oscilloscope. Decade Resistance Box, Decade Inductance Box, Decade Capacitance Box.
Digital Electronics Lab 81.39 Digital IC Trainer Kits with Patch Chords, Digital IC Tester, Audio Frequency Oscillator, Power Supplies.
HDL Lab/DSP 81.39 IBM-Lenovo with Intel Pentium 2duo/1.86 GHz/946MB/512DDR 2RAM/160GBHD 15″TFT Monitor, DSP 6713 Starter Kit, DSP Starter Kit (DSK) TMS32OC713, MAT LAB Soft Simulink, Single Proc Tool Box, Filter Design Tool Box, Signal proc block set, Image proc tool box, Video Image proc block set, Link for code composer studio, Real link workshop, Embedded target for DSP, Fixed point toolbox, Simulink fixed point, communication tool box, Communication block set, MAT Lab compiler, Bloom with DSPV2.0 CD, Xilinx ISE System14.2, Spartan-III FPGA Kits, Multi sim Spice based Analog and Digital Simulation Software package
Microprocessors Lab 81.39 Pc’s(Lenova, IBM, Compaq), Interfacing kits, ALS PCI, 48 Lines Digital IO Card with Timer , Stepper Motor Interface , Seven segment Display, Key board Interface, Logic Controller interface, Power supplies
Embedded Controller Lab 81.39 HP 280g2-Intel Core i3/6100.3.7GHz core CPU H 110 Mother Board/4GB DDR4-2133 Mhz. Arm Cortex M3 Kits
     CCN Lab 81.39 HP Computers(Intel Core-i5-,RAM 4GB), NCTUns 4.0 Network Simulators and Emulator, Fedora 8.0, codeblock for C programming
Communication/Adv. Communication Lab/Microwave Lab 81.39 CRO, Function generator, Digital Communication Kits Fiber optics Kits Micro strips Power Supply (Dual & Variable) Microwave workbench and accessories LCR Meter DCB,DRB,DIB IC Tester
VLSI /CADENCE LAB 81.39 Cadence Software (01 set), Server (01), Client PC’s (20), Red Hat Linux Enterprise (20 user)


Project Lab

Established in Association with Texas Instrument as


Area 81.39                                                                  Total Investment : Rs. 14,50,000.00

Used By All Students and Staff (UG/PG)

Sl.No  Module Qty
1 Analog Lab :  06
Analog System Lab Kit (ASLK) Pro
2 Power Lab :  06
Power Management Lab Kit (PMLK)
3 Analog Attach MCU Labs:
MSP Lauchpad + Boosterpacks(Cap touch-430 Boost Sense1) +  


Educational Booster Pack-BP-EDUC-01.
TIVA Lauchpad + Booster Pack BoostXL-SENSHUB 12,6
C2000 Lauchpad + BOOSTXL-DRV8301 12,6
4 Connectivity Attach Lab
Ez430RF-2500 MSP430 Wireless Development tools 6


MSP430 Lauchpad +CC3100 Boost +CC3100 EMU Boost CC3200
Simple link 12,3,3





System Lab
(1) Analog: Parts Cabinet + (1) ASLK Pro + (2) MSP430F5529LP + (2)  




1 set

MSP430G2 + (2) EKTM4C123GXL+ (2) EK-TM4C129XL + (2)
LAUNCHXL-F28O27F + (2) CC3100BOOST + (2) DRV8301 + (2)
BOOSTXL-SENSH UB + (1) 43OBOOST-CC11OL+ RF Booster pack
+ (2) +BOOST-SENSEI + 1TRF7970A NFC Booster Pack
6 Digital Signal Processing Lab
TMS320C6713 DSK 2
TMS320C6748 LCDK 2


TMS320DM355 Digital Video Evaluation Module with HD camera
Board 1
TMS320DM365 Digital Video Evaluation Model 1
DaVinci™ TMS320DM6437 Digital Video Development Platform DVDP 1
Code Composer Studio v6 5 users
7 ARM Lab
TIVA Experimenter Kit 3
DevKit8500D Evaluation Kit Bundle 1
MARS Board 1
Sabre Lite 1


Automotive Lab

Established in Association with KPIT

Area 81.39                                                 Total Investment : Rs. 2,67,379.00

Used By All Students and Staff (UG/PG)


1 Automotive Electronics Lab 81.39 Cut Section of Four Stroke Engine, Mock Layout of car Wiring System Board,   Mock Layout of Multi Port Fuel Injection Board, Cut Section of Silencer and EGR Module


Computing facilities in the department

Hardwares available Quantity
Total Computer
i3 35
P4 70
Server 1
 Total 106
Laser Printers 05
Multimedia Projectors 05
Smart board 01


Softwares available Quantity
Red hat Linux software 30 users
Cadence software 30 users
MAT LAB Soft Simulink, Single Proc Tool Box, Filter Design Tool Box, Signal proc blockset, Image proc tool box, Video Image proc blockset, Link for code comp stu, Real link workshop, Embedded target for DSP, Fixed point toolbox, Simulink fixed point, commn tool box, Commn blockset, MAT Lab compiler  


10 users

Bloom with DSPV2.0 CD
Xilinx ISE System 14.4 25 user
Multisim 01 user
Microcontroller Compiler 20 user
Code Composer Studio 20 user