Workshops Conducted in 2015_16


  1. A two day workshop on “LINUX” was conducted on 28th and 29th  June, 2015 for the 3rd  Semester M.Tech VLSI students by Dhanajay Sharma (Nokia network solutions) and co-ordinated by Prof. Vijay Rayar.
  2. Arun Tigadi delivered tech-talk on “Introduction to Automotive Electronics” for final year students of EC, TC, E & E and CS Branch students on 7th July 2015.
  3. A two day workshop on “Matlab on Image Processing” was conducted on 15th and 16th July, 2015 for the 6th Semester UG students by Mr. Suraj Chincholimath- alumni and workshop was co-ordinated by Prof. Prabhakar Manage
  4. E & C department has conducted Hands on workshop on “Practical Integrated Antenna Design and Simulation” on 28th July 2015 for Engineering & polytechnic faculties. Event was coordinated by Prof.G.P.Kadam and Rudrappa Gujanatti.
  5. The Orientation program was conducted for the 3rd SEM students on 14th August 2015. The event was coordinated by Prof Ashwini Desai.
  6. The Induction Program for 3rd SEM students was organized by ECSSA on the 27-08-2015 in the Auditorium.
  7. A workshop on PCB Design was conducted for 3rd Sem Students on 28th and 29th August 2015 by 5th SEM students. It was coordinated by Prof. Suresh Murgod and Prof.Shambulingappa V.
  8. Tech talk on “Custom IC Design Flow” on 31/08/2015 for 7th sem students by Mr.Girish Bijjal,Lead Engineer(Analog EDA),Texas Instruments,Bangalore. Co-ordinated by Prof.Sushant Jadhav and Prof.Anand Konnur.
  9. The Newly constructed Electronics & Communication Dept building was inaugurated by Our Beloved Principal Dr.Basavaraj Katageri on 4th September 2015.
  10. Teacher’s day celebration was arranged by the EC Department students on 11th 2015.
  11. UTLP workshop was conducted for the 5th Sem EC Students by the 7th SEM students from 9th to 15th Sept. 2015. Event was coordinated by Prof. Arun Tigadi.
  12. The E & C Department Staff visited the Shantai Vruddhashram on the occasion of 2nd2015- Gandhi Jayanti and were involved in the Swachcha Bharat Abhiyana.
  13. The 5th Sem EC Students visited the Enerzi Microwave System Pvt Limited, Belagavi with the Prof.Shambulingappa V.
  14. The Mini Project exhibition for 3rd Sem EC Students was organized on 9th Oct 2015. and Event was coordinated by Prof.Rudrappa Gujanatti
  15. The new Robotics laboratory was  inaugurated  by our beloved Principal  Basavaraj  Katageri on 15th Oct. 2015.  Robotics  lab  (E -yantra)  is  a  project  by  IIT  Bombay  to  spread  education  in Robotics.  This  project  was  sponsored  by  Ministry  of Human  Resource  Development  (MHRD) through  the  national  mission  on  education  through  Information  and  Communication Technology.Prof. Anand Gudnavar and Prof Basavaraj Chougula demonstrated functioning of the Restaurant Assistant Robo.
  16. M. V. Joshi from Dhirubhai Ambani University gave a Guest lecture on “Research & Publications” for all the staff and PG students on October 20th 2015.
  17. Mini-Project exhibition for 5th Sem students was organized on 30th Oct 2015.The event was coordinated by Prof.Uma Kulkarni and Dr. Rajashri Khanai
  18. Technical Session on “Introduction to Chipscope Pro” for M.Tech.1st SEM students was conducted on 2nd November 2015 .and coordinated by Prof.Arun Tigadi .
  19. The Induction Program was organized by ECSSA for the M.Tech 1st Sem Students on the 03-11-2015 and Coordinated by Prof.Nataraj Vijapur.
  20. The B.E. 7th Sem students along with Prof.Ashwini Desai and Prof.Uma K. visited “Shree Someshwar Sahakari Skkare KarKhane Niyamith, Bailhongal on 6th November 2015.
  21. The Tech talk for 7th semester E and C students by Dr.Uday Wali and team, C-Quad Belagavi on 07/11/2015 and coordinated by Prof.Ashwini Desai and Prof.Uma Kulkarni.
  22. ARM Cortex workshop was conducted by Technical team from ALS technologies for M.Tech. 1st sem students on17th November 2015. And  coordinated  by Prof.Arun Tigadi
  23. One day workshop on Microwave heating was conducted on18th December 2015 by Dr.Dineash Aggrawal and Co-ordinated by Dr.Rajashri Khanai
  24. The Staff Development Program on “Professional Communication and Office Automation” was conducted from 15th to 19th December 2015. The event was coordinated by Dr. H.P.Rajani, Prof.Rudrrappa G and Prof. Anand Konnur.
  25. Guest Lecture on “Internet of Things” from 18/01/2016 by Prof.K.Jayaraman, Coordinated by Prof.Uma K. and Prof.Swati M.
  26. Hands on training on “Basic Lab VIEW Programming” from 19th to 24th January 2016 by Prof.Shambulingappa V.
  27. The FDP on “Advanced Microcontrollers for Embedded Systems” was conducted from 19th to 24th January 2016, coordinated by Prof.Ashwini Desai and Prof.Basavaraj Chougula.
  28. The NCPE 2016 2nd National Conference on Power Electronics on 29th and 30th January 2016 was organized by ECE and EEE dept. Coordinated by Dr.Uday Wali and Prof.Smita Patil.
  29. A Two Day workshop on “Introduction to Robotics (e-Yantra)” for B.E. 6th and 8th SEM students was conducted by Prof.Basavaraj Chougula on 1st and 2nd February 2016, Coordinated by Prof.Shambulingappa V.
  30. “Training Program by Innovations Unlimited Training services” from 15/02/2016 to 20/02/2016 Coordinated by Prof.Ashwini Desai and Prof.Basavaraj C.
  31. Tech Talk on “Automotive Electronics” on 17/02/2016 by Chetan Gowda, Alumni, Coordinated by Prof.Arun Tigadi and Prof.Vijay Rayar.
  32. “Prodigies of ECE” was conducted for First year E and C Students coordinated by Prof.D.T.Kamble, Prof.Basavaraj C. and Prof.Swati M.
  33. Two day Workshop on Automotive Electronics was organized by ECE Dept. on 22nd and 23rd February 2016 ,Coordinated by Prof.Arun Tigadi and Prof.Vijay Rayar.
  34. The PCB Workshop for RLS College students was conducted by Prof.Suresh Murgod on 23rd February 2016.
  35. The Guest Lecture for 6th SEM students by Mr Arjun,IES.,GOA gov. on 24th February 2016.It was coordinated by Prof.Uma Kulkarni.
  36. The National level Tech Fiesta Invento 2k16 was organized by college from 10/03/2016 to 12/03/2016. The following events were conducted by Electronics and Communication Engg. Department:
  37. Tycoons 2.Crypto Hunt 3.Ludus Thronis.

Prof.Sushant Jadhav and Prof.Shambhuling V. Were the Staff Coordinator.

  1. A Two Day workshop on “Introduction to Robotics (e-Yantra)” for B.E. 6th SEM students was conducted by Prof.Basavaraj Chougula on 19th and 20th March 2016.
  2. The Guest Lecture on “IOT” for M.Tech. 2nd and 4th Sem and UG 6th Sem students by Mr.Manjunath, Reinfold Technologies 5th April 2016. It was coordinated by Prof.Nataraj Vijapur.
  3. A two day workshop on “Introduction to ARM Cortex M4” on 20 and 21st April 2016 by Edgate Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore for BE. 6th sem students and M.Tech. 2nd sem students. It was coordinated by Prof.Suresh Murgod.
  4. The mini project exhibition was conducted for 6thsemester students on 27th April 2016.and It was coordinated by Prof.Uma K. and Prof.Rajeshwari K.
  5. The mini project exhibition was conducted for 4thsemester students on 5th May 2016.and it was coordinated by Prof.Mahalaxmi Chougule and Prof.Sonam K.
  6. The ECSSA conducted various sports activities during the first week of April 2016.

Sports activities were conducted for student and staff like

Gulli Cricket,Badminton,Table tenis etc.


“International Conference on Smart Electronic Systems” on 20th, 21st  and 22nd May 2016.



Workshops Conducted 2014/15

1.    13th and 14th August 2014 two day workshop on ANDROID DEVELOPMENT was conducted by Mr. Anup Sarangimath, alumni of our college.

2.     21st August to 27th August 2014 UTLP workshop was organised for all the 5th sem students.

3.    One day PCB Design workshop was conducted on26th september 2014 for M.Tech 1st Semester students by Prof. Arun Tigadi

4.    One day Android workshop was conducted on 28th September 2014 for VII Students by Mr. Anup Sarangimath ,an alumni of the college

5.    29th September 2014 One day workshop was conducted for PG in VLSI Design and Embedded systems, students on “Use of Chipscope for FPGA kits” by Rainford Technologies

6.    30th September 2014 one day workshop on VLSI Design using cadence for final year diploma students of Govt. Polytechnic College and Maratha Mandal Polytechnic college was conducted by Prof.Ashwini Desai and Prof.UMA Kulkarni.

7.    Two day PCB Workshop was organised on 31st October and 1st November 2014 for 3rd sem students by Prof.Suresh Murgod




8.    One day Workshop on Embedded system development using ARM-CORTEXM3 Boards was conducted By ALS Technology’s on 17th November 2014.

9.    Two days workshop on Embedded Design on Linux platform was conducted by Prof. Nataraj Vijapur & Prof. Anand Gudanavar for 4th Sem students on 19th & 20th Jan 2015.

10.    A one day workshop on “Lyx” was conducted on 23rdMarch, 2015 for VIII Semester and PG students (M.TECH VLSI Design & Embedded Systems) by Prof. Anand Gudnavar.