Mr. Sameer Bhat

   Vice-Prisident, eClinical Works, USA

I would like to say thank you, with all my heart, for making my dream of becoming an engineer a reality at KLE College of Engineering.
I feel extremely grateful to what KLE Electronics and Communication department and faculty gave me : amazing facilities, abundant academic resources, and most importantly an encouraging environment to grow socially and intellectually. Additionally, my experience at microprocessor lab and computer labs gave me valuable exposure to software, complex computer operations and programming skills that helped me in my professional career.
This college continues to transform ordinary students into extraordinary engineers.



Mr. Saivijay khangav

Regional Manager -Asia pacific &Japan at Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

Dear Sir,
” Am one of the many proud ex-students of KLE Dr. M.S. Sheshgiri College of Engineering and Tech( was known to us as KLE inst of Tech), and will not shy to say that I am here today because of the education & skilling this institute has induced in me. Am from the 1993 passed out batch of E&C , when Sir Babladi was our Principal, Sir Punagin as HOD of E&C and Sir S.B.Kulkarni(famously known as SBK Sir) as our professor then.
Was fortunate to be part of such an esteemed faculty and we have gained and enriched our selves with great knowledge and skills. I was also fortunate to visit the Institute in Jan-2015 and was overwhelmed to see a new and dedicated E&C building , with state of the art labs , of which I was priviledged to inaugurate one of them.
Nevertheless to say….Proud to have been part of this Institution and even proud to have been part of E&C .
Cheers E&C….


Mr. Vivek Sharma

Working in one of the MNCs in USA, Technical Consultant/Architect

1994 Batch – Electronics and Communications

I feel blessed to be able to graduate from KEL Eng College., Belagavi.
The lab, staff and over all structure of college is welcoming, well equipped and willing to help every individual student to meet their dreams.
I have no doubt in my mind, without the full support of Pungin Sir, SBK Sir,Dr. U.L Naik Sir and all the other staff i wouldn’t be standing where i am today. My personal thanks to all the faculty members.
I feel proud to say i graduated from KLE College under the shade and blessing of such a great staff and wonderful environment at college.


Mr. Rajkumar Lengade

Vice president engineer lead

JP Morgan Chase Bank
Columbus, Ohio, USA

In 1988 when i got CET seat for engineering at KLE Engineering college Belgaum, I was debating on taking Electronics & Communication or Mechanical branch.  TV industry had just begun to boom, which made me tend towards Electronics and Communications. All of my professors were terrific, very motivated and invested in their student’s success. During my first year, I felt the pain with so many assignments with so little time to complete and deadline set by professors, but I soon realized that this was for my own good and set the expectations higher for the coming years of engineering and I was able to cope with engineering studies. The professors are committed in helping students with  maximum effort of making sure students understand the concepts and applications of the daily topics and can apply it correctly. KLE engineering gave me the skills necessary to learn Electronics and Computer networks which landed me job at Network Solutions in Bangalore 1992 and after that i just kept climbing the professional ladder. I joined Motorola in 1994 and then moved to USA, where I joined AT&T Bell labs, then Nationwide Insurance and now I work at JP Morgan Chase.


Mr. Vivekanand Desai


2 Technology Drive | Westborough, MA 01581

I am proud to be one of the student in this college, which has evolved 20 folds as seen during my days.

I am privileged to pen few lines on the Department of Electronics and Communication.  The department has created talented engineers with holding good titles and in the IT organization around the globe.

With ever increasing technology of events throughout the world, it has become necessary to have more efficient and cost effective communications network with the latest electronic devices and circuits. The role of an electronic and communication engineer comprises of design and development of more efficient electronic machines, communications and control equipment and systems.

The department has well-equipped laboratories such as Principle of Communication Engineering Laboratory, Communication system Laboratory, Advanced Communication System Laboratory,  Digital Electronics Laboratory, Electronic and Devices Laboratory, Microprocessor Laboratory, Industrial Engg. Laboratory, Network Filters & Transmission Laboratory, Computer & Electrical Laboratory. The goal was to provide students with a balance of intellectual and practical experiences that enable them to serve a variety of needs and make sure the students raise to their expectations.


Teja Manakame, Director  Dell IT|Application Development

“Looking back, I can say that KLE College of Engineering has helped me shape my career in many ways. Apart from regular curriculum, there was a huge emphasis on extra-curricular activities which included external seminars, sports, projects and IEEE chapters among others.  The time I spent at this college not only helped me academically but also played a major role in evolving me into a confident, ethical and well-rounded person; traits which are extremely important at work. All my professors were  extremely supportive and encouraging of our endeavors, the relationships which were built then are cherished till date.”


Mr.Prakash Mugali

Founding Chairman & Managing Director

Of Enerzi Microwave Systems Pvt.Ltd

“It’s my great pleasure to express my feelings about my college and my department. The four years I spent at the college were the best years of my educational journey. The  college and my department is still bonded to me very dearly and I feel I have the same belongingness even today. I get a great welcome for any ideas I take to the department and college as an alumnus and withcomplete support the ideas are nurtured by the department. I keep visiting other colleges too. I feel my ECE department and college has managed to carve a niche for itself and build for learning and industrial interactions”.




Mr. Pavan Kulkarni

System Engineer, Zia Semiconductors Bangalore

I Would recommend anyone to join our E&C department because our staff that is very well equipped to teach and work hard with students. Projects that are conducted very regularly in our department every semester as I have a job in in VLSI domain. I am very proud that my department has industry standard tool from CADENCE . and some experiments are in 45nm I suppose, which are parallel to industry that is amazing!! My professors helped me during my lows. I think my department gives knowledge and ethics a much better opportunities to nurture.