Computer Science


The Department was established in the year 1986 and offers graduate and postgraduate courses in Computer Science and Engineering. Continuous improvement in quality, developing confidence for self and lifelong learning are the highest priorities adhered during the duration of the course in the Department.

To build a learning environment that responds to the challenges in Computing Technology and to inculcate a sense of societal and ethical responsibility in all professional endeavors.


1.To impart knowledge that meets the need of the present and emerging computing technologies.

2.To cultivate analytical and logical reasoning.

3.To strengthen innovative & entrepreneurial skills

4.To work effectively in teams with ethical and societal responsibility.

5.To nurture capabilities for growing professionally by engaging in lifelong learning.

We aim to build a learning environment that responds quickly to the challenges in computing technology

Human Resources:

  • Department has dedicated faculty with rich experience in research and with industrial background to bridge the industry and academic gap.
  • Their research initiatives provide opportunities for students to engage in leading edge technologies and enable project based learning avenues.
  •  Faculties are regularly engaged in seminars, conferences, workshops and faculty development programmes that facilitate ideal environment for budding software engineers.

Computing Facilities :

The Department provides extensive computing resources for Learning and Research & Development. It hosts zero client lab with private cloud apart from other laboratories that offer  latest hardware and software, with more than 200 high-performance computers. The department maintains specialized servers for Database clients & Linux based workstations including File access servers


Students also undergo a rigorous process of learning in which they are transformed as a multi-skilled engineer, disciplined and team player to make their carrier in Multi-national software industries / entrepreneurs. They are also encouraged to take up higher education or IT related careers.




Google Journey in KLE DR.MSSCET began with Introduction of Applied CS WITH ANDROID workshops. As a cherry on the top, Google I/O Extended events were conducted during 2016. In which LIVE I/O STREAMING OF GOOGLE I/O from CALIFORNIA was a overnight event accompanied with App Geeks. Blind Coding, Code Race, Ad Mad. Workshops continued thereafter and students could successfully get certificates from GOOGLE for completing their android course delivered by Google Facilitator Pooja Mahindrakar. Abhishek Bekwadkar & Omkar Patil were given Letter of Appreciation from Google for their outstanding support for the events. Valedictory function of Google events 2016 was successful on 26th NOV 2016. Rahul Arakeri – Developer from Microsoft Redmond Headquarters USA motivated students as a Chief Guest who is also alumni of our college.


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