Biomedical Engineering

Department of Biomedical Engineering at KLESCET was established during 1997. Since its establishment all the staff members have been steering to achieve the best in the field. Well trained faculty members and technical staff continuously put their act together for the upliftment of the students and the department. The department has been a great contributor to the overall growth of the college in all spheres: academics and non-academics.
The department enrolls 30 students every year. Both staff and students presented technical papers at National and International level. Also they have attended various seminars, workshops in the emerging field like Medical Image Processing, Medical Digital Signal Processing, Wireless Sensor Networks and New Trends in Biomedical Instrumentation.

 To impart quality education in the field of biomedical science by applying engineering principles.


  1. To achieve academic excellence by applying biomedical engineering knowledge.
  2. To adapt emerging technologies in biomedical engineering through continual learning.
  3. To acquire the knowledge of medical instrumentation through engineering and related R & D activities.
  4. To work with hospitals and healthcare industries to enhance practical knowledge.
  5. To develop competencies for employability and entrepreneurship in core and interdisciplinary areas.

The Department has laboratories well equipped both in software and hardware. The department labs include Bio-Signal and Image Processing lab, Microcontroller lab, Biomedical Equipment lab, Analog Circuits lab, Digital Electronics,  Microprocessors lab and Industry sponsored project lab(WIPRO). The parent society owns an ultra modern 20200-bedded hospital wherein students are given hands-on experience in the hospital.


The department association “Biomedical Engineering Students / Staff Technical Association (BESTA)” was formed in 1999. The prime objective of the association has been to encourage and support students and staff members for their overall growth.
The agenda of the association also includes conducting and organizing various events like technical / non-technical seminars, guest lectures, and competitions at various levels. The department also embeds its own library (BESTA Library), which consists of around 975 volumes of various subjects. Every year the department has been adding books of regular subjects and distinct books that has been a prime feature of the library.

1) BESTA Association
2) Student Assessment – EQ & IQ
3) Mentorship Program
4) Hospital Training
5) Staff Appraisal
6) Parents Feedback
7) Employers Feedback
8) Bio-Medical Consultancy
9) Technical and Non-technical add-on programmes.


1) The department regularly conducts Emotional Quotient [EQ]/ Intelligent Quotient (IQ) test from experts in that field. Based on the results of the test the staff orient their teaching methodologies to suit/improve the needs of the students.
2) Based on the result of the EQ / IQ test students with similar traits are formed into various groups and theme-based activity is suggested that includes mini projects, poster presentation contest, essay writing competition & so on. A lot of focus is given to extracurricular activities.
3) The department every year conducts motivational talks for the pre-final year students to help them cope up with the needs of the Industry. Talks are delivered by the experts in the field.
4) Pre-final year Students are also exposed over a period of 3 to 4 days to the rigors of the Logical Reasoning and mental ability to prepare them mentally for the Placement activities.
5) The Department conducts the “Product Presentation for Newly Formed Companies”. Wherein a class is divided into two Groups and asked to form a company, Produce a virtual product and market it.

Mandatory Disclosure